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Spring Creek Elementary Fourth Grade
This page is designed to allow students to learn about the United States in a fun way. Use and enjoy!!!

As of September, I have started adding Quia tests and games that would help your fourth grade child with his Harcourt Brace Social Studies and the LEAP. If your know of any other Fourth Graders that would benefit from this site, please give them this url. I'm hoping to expand this site in the near future. If any of you parents want to make your own tests using your child's study guide or their Social Studies book, just sign up with Quia and email me your url so I can add it to my site for other parents to use. I can certainly use the help.

Open House is scheduled for Monday, October 9th.
School Pictures will be taken Friday, October 13th.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Introduction for Harcourt Brace Social Studies
This is great review of Social Studies terms.
A Land of Different Climates
This is a quiz for Unit 1, Lesson 3 (pages 60-64).
Useful links
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