University School of Nashville Middle School Spanish
Hello, 7th grade!  Here is your own webpage which you can use to access games.  Good luck and study hard!

Try all these games - they will help you do well on your Chapter 2 test tomorrow.  You may also access this website and try the games from home tonight for more practice.

At 12:05 (5th period) or at 2:15 (7th period), you must go to the bottom of this web page and log into the quiz session; "verb test review" is the session name.  Your score will count as a pop quiz.  Therefore, you may not share answers with anyone on this part of the computer work today.  Have fun!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Time hangman
Tell the time!!!
More practice with telling time in Spanish!!!
Multiple choice time-telling
7th grade, Chapter 2 games
Flashcards, Matching, and Concentration
Hangman Chapter 2, 7th grade
Chapter 2 Hangman
7th grade, Chapter 2 pop-ups
-AR verbs and conjugations
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