University School of Nashville Middle School Spanish
All the games we've done so far this year are below.  Also, you can go to the quia homepage (, click on "Spanish," then click on "Ven Conmigo 1" to find more games that correspond to chapters 0-8 in your Ven Conmigo book.
My Quia activities and quizzes
8th grade, Chapter 5 vocab
Ch. 5 vocab
Chapter 4 vocabulary
Ch. 4 vocab
8th grade Chapter 5 Jeopardy
Ch. 5 jeopardy
Jeopardy: Chapter One
Ch. 1 jeopardy
Jeopardy: Chapter 4
Ch. 4 jeopardy
Stem-changers, reflexives, and tener
jeopardy - verbs
-AR verb review
-AR verbs
Homework 10-27: Quiz (Chapter 6)
Ch. 6 review
Homework 10-27: Quiz (Chapter 6): session familia
familia vocab
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