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¡Hola, clase!
You have three things to do today in class.

1. Find and record the most updated exchange rates on the exchange rate website.  If you have lost your original sheet (this would not good because you need the old records), your substitute has more.

2. Do the practice exercises below.  They deal with chapter 6 vocabulary, demonstrative adjectives, placement of adjectives, and direct object pronouns.  This review will help you study for Friday's chapter 6 test.

3. Your homework is to take the quia quiz session.  To do this, click the "quiz session log in" button at the bottom of this webpage, and the session name is scrappy.  You may take the quiz more than once, but your homework grade will be based on the FIRST quiz you take.

If you complete all this work, you may work on other homework in the computer lab.

¡Hasta mañana!
My Quia activities and quizzes
La ropa
vocab practice
Clothing and descriptions
spelling practice
Latin American Countries and Capitals
Just for fun!!
demonstrative adjectives
choose the correct demonstrative adjective
direct object pronouns
choose the correct direct object pronoun
¿Qué hacen los estudiantes en la clase de español?
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