vakittycat Welcome:o)
  Hurray summer is here!!!
This page © so you cannot take anything off this site if I do see something like it and think you got it from here I will have to ask you to take it off. Thank you

This page is about me, my cats and my friends.

All of my kitties have long fur Scary has tiger striped fur. Lilly has white fur. Little Britney Marie has gray fur.  

My friends are:
~Nicole~                              My Best friends are:)
~Karina~                               Katie and Casey
~Qi Ju~
~Justin M.~
~Sarah B.~
~And if I missed anyone you too~

~My favorite color is: pink,purple, and lime green

~My favorite car is the Volts Wagon Bettle in Yellow,Lime Green or Silver

~My hobbies are swimming, cheerleading, and collecting Beanie Babies

~My top five music picks are:
#1:NSYNC- Its Gonna Be Me or No Strings Attached
#2:Britney Spears- Oops..........I did it agian
#3:Backstreet Boys- The One
#4:Christina Agulara- I turn to you
#5:Jessica Simpson (featuring Nick Lachey)- Where you are

~Here are some webtalks:©
<):-) cowboy
<*)))-{ fish :^{] father :8) pig =^..^= cat o:-) angel 8)~~* frog ~:o baby })i({ butterfly 0/ raised hand ;,,( crying [Q] comeputer mouse ~O> a real mouse
@~,~'~~~ rose
*<:o) clown :o) person w/ a big nose >:-[ vampire
:-D laughing
>:-< mad
:) happy
@@:-) mother
P-) pirate
[:-) wearing headphones
l-I sleeping
:-X lips are sealed
&[M] watching T.V.

Hope you liked my site and come back soon:)
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