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  • September 2001: JCL Chapter Membership Drive
  • December 2001: Saturnalia
  • February 2002: Area C JCL Convention
  • April 2002: TSJCL Convention
  • My Quia activities and quizzes
    Roman Housing (CLC Stage 1)
    Can you identify the parts of a Roman villa?
    Periculum - CLC Stage One
    Try these general questions from CLC Stage One
    CLC Stage 3 Vocabulary
    Test your knowledge of the Stage 3 vocabulary.
    Practice with nominative and accusative forms. (CLC Stage 3)
    Nominative and accusative endings - try them!
    Periculum: CLC Stage 3
    Try this Jeopardy-style review for Stage 3.
    CLC Stage 19 Vocabulary
    Review the Stage 19 Vocabulary
    CLC Stage 41 Vocabulary
    Review the Stage 41 vocabulary
    Periculum - CLC Stage 5
    Try this review for CLC Stage 5
    CLC Stage 12 Verb practice
    Match the verbs and their translations!
    CLC Stage 15 Vocabulary
    Vocabulary Review for CLC 15
    CLC 12 Periculum
    CLC 12 Periculum Game
    CLC 16: Relative Prounouns
    CLC 16 Relative Prounouns
    Relative Clauses and Pronouns: CLC 15
    CLC 15 - Choose the correct pronoun.
    CLC 2 Vocabulary
    Vocabulary Review for CLC 2
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