valentin Mr. V
John F. Reynolds Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Dear Substitute:

The following is a list of information you will need to teach my 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies classes on Monday, September 25, 2000.

This is a breakdown of the day's schedule:

Teacher time 7:30-8:15
Homeroom 8:15-8:30
Per. 1, 8th Grade 8:33-9:23
Per. 2, Prep. 9:26-10:16
Per. 3, 7th Grade 10:19-11:09
Per. 4, 7th Grade 11:12-12:02
Per. 5, 8th Lunch 12:02-12:32
Per. 6, Reynolds Reads 7th Grade 12:34-1:04
Per. 7, 7th Grade 1:07-1:57
Per. 8, 8th Grade 2:00-2:50
Teachers leave at 3:00

Please write the following information on the board for the students during the day, this is also your lesson plan:

Today is day 6, Monday, September 25, 2000
"The ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization" -Muhatma Gandhi
1.) Weekend and Olympics
2.) Chapter 1, Section 3 Read text and complete Section 3 Review (Review worth 10 points)
  7th Grade The Ancient World text, section 3 "The    
  Beginnings of Civilization" pgs. 19-23
  Complete review on pg. 23, answer all of questions 1-4
  8th Grade Medieval Times to Today text, section 3 "The   Religion of Islam" pgs. 21-25
  Complete review on pg. 25, answer all of questions 1-5
3.) Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul (If students complete the above assignment and there is time)

To give you some background, all of the students have been watching the Olympic Games for 30 mins per night.  They should have an idea of what countries received medals and in what sports.  Don't worry if you have not watched the games because they should be able to do the work for you.  I am trying the express upon them that the Olympic games serve as a unifying activity for the world and it shows us that we have the ability to work together as a Global Community to accomplish goals.  These values are highly related to the study of Social Studies.  Plan to spend about 5-10 mins on this section.  If any class in not willing to participate in this simply go onto agenda item 2 and make a notation to me.

The second thing you will be doing in all classes is have the students individually read Chapter 1, Section 3 and answer questions at the end of the section.  This should be an individual assignment so have the students refrain from conversation as they work.  This will keep them on task.  This part of the period should take 35-40 mins.  When the students have finished the assignment please collect it.  This collection will serve as the attendance for the day so you will not have to worry about taking additional attendance except during Reynolds Reads and Homeroom.  The assignment should be collected from everyone complete or not and left on my desk and will be worth 10 points.

If there is time remaining in the period pick a story from my Chicken Soup book which is located on my desk area or on the lab table at the front of the class.  This is a treat for the students because of good work and should be recognized by them.  If you feel they have not been cooperative then have them spend that time writing an essay about Mr. Valentin's rule of respect.  Be sure to offer that information as often as necessary during the class.  If you do have the students write this be sure to collect it and leave it on my desk.

You should be in good shape for the day.  Please do me the favor of feeding my pet turtle and fish at the beginning of the day.  The food is located in the top left draw of the lab table.  The turtle gets 6 sticks and the fish get a sprinkle of flakes.  If you have any questions during the day do not hesitate to call me at home.  Please get this number from the school Sec.  Thank you for your help.
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