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Guten Tag! Wilkommen!

The activities on this page will help you to practice making the Perfect tense in German  They have been changed since the last time you were here so try and have a go at all of them ,and especially the quiz.

There are also some activities to practice the daily routine work we have been doing for our latest piece of coursework.

Click on the QUIZ SESSION icon at the bottom on the class home page.  Log in with the password sara_vaughan and press the START button.  It will give you a score and a percentage which will be looked at by me later on to see how well you did. REMEMBER! Fill in your name at the top of the QUIZ SESSION

Well, have fun...
My Quia activities and quizzes
Was habe ich letzte Woche gemacht?
Put the words in the correct order
The Perfect Tense
Haben and Sein
Match them up - English & German
Past Participles
Guess the correct part of the verb
Choose the correct form of the Perfect tense
In meiner Freizeit
Fill in the correct word - multiple choice
Useful links
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