vbailey Mrs. Bailey
Lakehoma Elementary 4th Grade
Mrs. Bailey's 4th Grade Class

Week of: Feb 25-March 1, 2002

*Spelling--Lesson 23, page 144. VCCV patterns. Group B words: Hawaii, volcano, fertilizer, deforestation, and plateau. Test Friday

*English--Writing a friendly letter. Be thinking of a friend or relative that you would like to send a letter to. Bring their address along with a stamped envelope to school. We will be writing letters and addressing the envelopes.

*Reading--Lincoln biography. Identifying important facts, locating information and identifying important people in history.

*Math--Division; We will begin with 2 digit quotients with and without remainders. The students will be bringing division homework home each night this week. They are required to have this assignment back first thing every morning. We will be working on a new lesson each day so they will not be allowed to work on this in class. If assignments are not returned they will follow the classroom policy of missing recess to work on missing assignment.

*Social Studies--West Region. Chapters 11 and 12. We have made our lists of capitals and abbreviations so study at home!! We will have group assignments on these lessons to be presented on Thursday and Friday.

*Science--Chapter 1 Unit C. Earth Science. C24-C33; The Test will be on Tuesday. Next we begin Chapter 2..Landforms on Earth.

Bonus Trivia: What two teams played for the Gold Medal in the Olympic Hockey game...and who won??

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