vcagenda Venture Crew 712
St. Monica Church  
These are previous Venture Crew Agendas

Venture Crew 712
Full Crew Meeting
June 11th, 2000

I. Call to Order: John Paul Cook, President
II. Roll Call: Matt Monahan, Secretary
IV. Order Of Business
  A. Philmont 2001: July 24-Aufust 5
     1. Age/Weight Requirements
     2. Cost including eqipment
     3. Schedual a special meeting for those interested?
  B. Campout Activity Planning--Set dates
     1. June Activities-Car Wash 17th, Brunch 18th
     2. July Activity-Schliterbaun 21st-23rd
     3. August Activity-Water World Campout 4th-6th
     4. September Activity-Canoe Trip @ Broken Bow 29th-1st
     5. October Activity-Mountain Biking @ Camp Constantine
     6. November Activity-Bowling
  C. Discuss the Fundraisers
     1. Car Wash this coming weekend 10:00-3:00
        A. Bring with You (if you have one)
           i. Scrub brushes for tires
           ii. Sponge
           iii. Towels
           iv. Hose nosels
           v. Buckets
           vi. Squeegees
        B. Wear
           i. Venture Crew Green Shirt (bring white also)
           ii. Khaki shorts or pants
     2. Brunch this coming weekend 10:00-11:30
  D. Discuss Venturing Crew Policy
  E. Discuss Recruiting
V. Adviser's Minute
VI. Open Floor
VII. Adjournment


Venture Crew 712
Executive Committee Meeting
May 21, 2000

I.  Call to Order:  John Paul Cook, President

II. Roll Call:  Matt Monahan, Secretary

III. Reports of Officers
     President:  John Paul Cook
     Administrative Vice President:  Julia Reynolds
     Program Vice President:  Meghan McMahon
     Secretary:  Matt Monahan
     Treasurer:  TBD

IV. Order of Business
     A.  Crew Policies
         1.  Uniforms
         2.  Dues-Treasurer
         3.  Attendence
         4.  Joint Venture Crew/Troop Activities
         5.  Requirements for going on High Adventure Trips
             -certain attendence?
     B.  Fundraiser Ideas:  Meghan McMahon
     C.  Philmont 2001:  July 24 - August 5
         1.  Description-  what is Philmont?
         2.  Age/Weight Requirements
         3.  Cost including equipment
         4.  Schedule special meeting for those interested?
     D.  Campout/Activity Planning--Set dates--See Attached Calendar
         1.  June Activity:
         2.  July Activity:
         3.  August Activity:  WaterWorld Campout
         4.  September Activity:  Canoe Trip at Broken Bow
         5.  October Activity:
         6.  November Activity:
V.  Adult Adviser's Minute

VI. Open Floor

Venture Crew Meeting #2

--September Canoe Campout
--Philmont 2001—July 24- August 5
-enough space for 24 people to go
--Discussion of Dues for this year—$30
--Possible Fundraisers
-Car Wash, Cook Brunch?
--Explanation of Venturing Crew Elected Positions
-see the Positions web page (link at the bottom of the page)
--Next Executive Committee Meeting: May 21 from 2-4 at Mr. Vilbig’s Office
-this will be the executive orientation meeting
--Next Meeting is on June 11th

Venture Crew  Meeting #1

--Meeting Dates Discussion
-All Crew Meetings 2nd Sunday every Month
-Exex. Crew Meetings Last Sunday of Month
--Membership information
-$30 Dues for this year, $50 next year
--Whirly Ball
--Overview of Leadership positions (See Crew Positions Page)
-Administrative Vice President
-Program Vice President
--Positions Movie
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