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This chapter will teach you many things.  In it you will learn the voacbulary you would need to hold a conversation on the telephone.  You will learn how to make plans, talk about getting ready, accepting an invitation, and how to turn down an invitation and tell the person why. You will also learn about stem-changing verbs, refelxive verbs, and the uses of tener and ir.

     On my page you will get a variety of vocabulary about making plans, talking about getting ready, turning down and invitation and explaining why, and a variety of activities. For the vocabulary you will be playing a game called "jumble." In this game, the vacabulary words will be mixed up, or jumbled, and you will have to unscramble the words. 

     Also on this page you will learn how and when to use reflexive verbs.  Remember, a reflexive verb is one that is reflected back on the subject.  Also the "se" changes according to the subject.  You will also learn the different uses of tener.  To help you with these concepts, you will be playing a game called "rags to riches."  This game is similar to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
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