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This page will be covering grammar and vocabulary found in the text book edition of Ven Conmigo, Level One. On this page the grammar and vocabulary of chapter eight, "tercer paso" (found on page 216) will be covered, as well as the grammatical part found on page 210.  Within this chapter you will discover how to speak about meals and food, how to comment on food, politely requesting or ordering dinner in a restaurant, and how to ask for or pay a bill.
    The "tercer paso" covers how to make a polite request, ordering dinner at a restaurant, asking for and paying for the bill, and also the numbers 200-100,000.  The grammar will cover the differences in the words "other" and "another", as well as the stem change of "o" to "ue".
    There will be games connected to this page that will assist you in learning the new vocabulary and putting the grammar to work.  With repetitive usage of the words and stem changing you will feel much better about your language skills.
My Quia activities and quizzes
"Finding" out if you've got it!
Word Search to assist on vocabulary terms.
"o" or "ue"?
Unscramble the mixed up words to discover the correct forms and conjugations of poder and almorzar.
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