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My Quia activities and quizzes
Help for Identifying Subjunctive Usages
Present Subjunctive
Participle Review
The Kings of Rome
National Latin Exam -- Copia rogationum
Roman gods and goddesses quiz - (copy)
Gods and Godesses
Aeneid General Vocabulary
Rhetorical Devices
Vergil Quotes all Book 1
Vergil - Figures of Syntax and Rhetoric
Vergil - Verbs seen 12-23 Times in Books I - VI
Aeneid, Book III Quiz
Vergil Quotes Book 2
Vergil - Verbs seen 24+ times in Books I-VI
Aeneid, Book I Quiz
Vergil Book IV Vocabulary
Vergil - Book VI Vocab
Vergil - Characters in Books I - VI
Vergil's Aeneid
Aeneid Vocabulary, List 1
Aeneid Book I Figures of Speech
Aeneid Book I Proper Nouns lines 100-299
Aeneid Book I Proper Nouns Lines 1-99
Aeneid Book I Proper Nouns Lines 300-499
Aeneid Book I Proper Nouns Lines 500-756
Vergil Frequency 1
Aeneid, Book I Quiz
Literary Devices
Poetic devices
Aeneid Books 1 and 2
Aeneid Book III
50 Most Important Latin Verbs
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