vergarasclass Mrs.Vergara
Roxboro Road Middle School
¡Hola clase!  Well- I hope you enjoyed your vacation!  We are only three months away from our final exam!  The month of March is going to keep us busy with my favorite chapter of all time: FOOD!  I have some wonderful activities planned for this chapter.  I have updated the site, and I hope all the things you are looking for are here.  Keep on practicing your Spanish, and if there any activities that you would like me to create, please let me know!  Señora Vergara
My Quia activities and quizzes
El Primer Paso Review
El Primer Paso Vocabulary Review
Classroom Vocabulary
Uses vocabulary from page13.
activities vocabulary
Exam Review
numbers 0-31
Put the Spanish numbers in order!
Months and days review
likes and dislikes...
Personality traits
Useful links
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