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These activities are meant for practice and enrichment as my children become more adapted to computer activities I will create and add more items for them.  Keep reviewing and practicing at home the more we practice, the easier it is, the better we get.  
    Varnado Kindergarten Class of 2000-2001 finished the school year with flying colors and a load roar.  We had several end of the year activities.  The month of May found us preparing for the last field trip of the year by taking virtual field trips during computer lab time as well as computer field trips during our computer center time in our center room.  We completed Mrs. Bell's "Internet Zoo Scavenger Hunt" on the computer's, we took Mrs. Bell's Zoo WebQuest trip via the computers and we watched a Mrs's Bell's Zoo Power Point.  To culminate all of the zoo activities taking place in the classroom and on the computers we visited the Hattiesburg, Ms Zoo.  The children took the zoo train ride, rode the zoo carousel, walked the zoo walk, talked the zoo talk, had a picnic in the zoo park, played in the zoo playground, and went home with some great zoo memories and some zoo souvenirs.  All and all this was a "zooriffic" way to begin the end of a Fantastic Kindergarten School year. 
     These Kindergarten Students finished their end of the year testing and are looking forward to beginning the first grade when school begins in August.  We finished our school year with lots of work and fun the last week of the school year.  We worked on skills and concepts, reading and writing  A-B-C's and 1-2-3's in the mornings and in the afternoons, that last week, we had a bubble day, we got permission to use our sidewalk chalk and decorated the outside entrance and walls of the school that lead to the kindergarten classrooms.  Hopefully Mr. Donnelle has had time to clean up our artwork, But it sure was fun while it lasted.  We went home with a lot of good memories and a lot of things to work on during the summer to keep us ready for our next school adventure in the "First Grade."
My Quia activities and quizzes
Alphabet Match-up
Matching Capital and Lowercase Letters
I Know the Colors in the Rainbow and my Colorbox.
Color word match-ups
I know the colors in the rainbow and in my color box.
word scramble games
Color Words Rhyming Game
Rhyme color words with things we know or silly sounds.
Addition Facts
Let's add up to 10.
Can you add?
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