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Victor Junior High School  
Poetry Recitations

Oral interpretation of poetry will be modeled for you.  This should be helpful for you when you are orally interpreting your poem.    

The student will go to a poetry site   This site is marked for you under 'Useful Links.'

Click on 'The Videos'

Scroll down the page until you see "Casey at the Bat"
The picture is of the reader of this poem.  Click on  the picture.  Scroll down until  you can see the whole picture of Lee Samuel, and the two printed  lines  below the picture.

Click on  'Read Poem"
This will  show you a printed copy of the poem itself.  Go  to file and print a copy of the poem.

Use the green 'Back' arrow to return to the picture.

Click your mouse on  'Click here to watch video'.  the speaker will  tell  you about himself and  perhaps about the poem, and then will orally interpret the poem itself.  Watch the video and ask yourself the following  questions:
1.  What feelings and or messages does the reader share with you by reading the poem? 
2.  What techniques does the reader use  to  convey the content and emotions  of the poem?
3.  What could you suggest to help the reader improve this oral interpretation?  Make suggestions.
4.  Is there anything  I have heard in this reading that I can use to improve my oral interpretation  of my poem?

Answer these questions completely and choose one other poem and repeat the process for one more poem on this site.   Turn in your answers, neatly written in complete sentences, to Mrs.H-S by 5/31/01.   

Useful links
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