videogames The Videogame Master
There is only a couple more weeks till the end of school.
Remember to play videogames every day.
Cheaters will be cheaters.
Only use Gameshark if you have it.
Do all you can to beat a game, even if it takes all night.
Play videogames all summer long after school ends.
Get sound tracks for games on
Get gamming magazines.
Gameshark is your best videogame friend.
Videogames will be cheaper to buy in the future.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Resident Evil is scary
Try finding Resident Evil stuff
Try finding the names of FF8 characters
Stuff That's Fun
Do fun stuff
Test your code knowlage
Scambled videogames
See if you can help the videogame masters unscrammble the videogame's names
Useful links
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