Washington Studies- Assignment #4-

Do the questions and the assignment at the bottom!!!!

Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

Background-Use the two background links below (Famous Buildings and Learn the Wall)

1.  Who created the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial?  Why was she the person chosen??

2.  When and why was it created?

3.  Describe it's...

      *Design and building material...How does it look?

      *Dimensions..How long is it?  Tall?  Shape?  How
       many names appear?

4.  How many people visit it per year?

5.  Why was the statue of the three servicemen added?

Individual Soldier- Use the Virtual Wall Link

5.  Choose one name from the wall.  Use the web-link below to make a virtual rubbing.  Write a paragraph explaining the details of this soldier's service.  Print out the virtual rubbing and attach it to your writing.

Be sure to write the exact panel of the wall where the individual can be found.  

           -Go to EXPERIENCE THE WALL
           -Use the arrows to move and search the wall
           -click on a panel and name
           - biographical info and a button for "name rubbing" will appear.  Use this button to do your virtual rubbing.

You can also search by name.  You might want to find someone you are related to or just find someone with the same name.
Useful links
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