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After a little time a way from the study of the civilizations, we are back and are gearing up for the end of the fisrt semester and our study of the "River Valley Civilizations".  Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent are the next topics of study.  Our focus well be on the river systems, as well as the beginnings of such religions as Hinduism and Buddhism.  Here is the schedule for the week of Nov. 6 thru Nov. 10:

Monday - Review the geography of the Indian sub-continent; complete the map of the sub-continent

Tuesday - Early Indus Civilization, p. 134-139, in textbook; Intrepreting Clues WS

Wednesday - the Beginnings of Hinduism

Thursday - Finish Hinduism and Begin looking at Buddhism

Friday - Finish looking at Buddhism

Terms to Know
Indus River
caste system
My Quia activities and quizzes
Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent
The Beginnings of Judaism
Egyptian Vocabulary
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