vincentc Mrs. Vincent
Jamison Middle School math/science/soc.stud.teacher
Remember, Science Fair projects are due NO LATER THAN March 8th.  Rememeber, it is up to the student as to weather they wish to place their project on a board or type it on paper. The ones typed on paper, however, will not be in the final judging simply because they arn't on a board.

Remember, Mrs. Vincent's tutor times are W, Th, F from 7:55 - 8:15, and Ms. Jennings' tutor times are T, W, Th from 7:55 - 8:15.

Please encourage you child to use their daily planners.  I have many students who write in them, but do not take them home to make sure they have completed their work.  This is a great source for the parent/teacher/student to keep in contact and stay informed.  I would guess 80% of my students' never study for exams.
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