Marietta Senior High School TPR/S page
The activities on this site will be devoted to words we have used with TPR/S especially those which are not in the book we are using.

I hope for those of you who are having problems with TPR/S this will benefit you.

Sra. Moore
My Quia activities and quizzes
II - TPR/S Verbs
1st 4 weeks
II - 2nd TPR/S Verb set
2nd 5 weeks
III - TPR/S Verbs
1st 4 weeks
III - 2 TPR/S Verbs
2nd 5 weeks
III - TPR verbs Problemas y Placeres
Imperfect/ Preterit - 3rd qtr.
II - TPR Verbs 3rd qtr.
II - TPR Verbs 3rd qtr.
Personal Hygiene
Useful links
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