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Volcano Research

The following list of sites are starting points in your search for information about volcanoes.  Follow the links provided on each page. You never know where they may take you.

Link #1  General list of links

Link #2  Parts of a volcano

Link #3  Facts

Link #4  Legends

Link #5  Virtual Tour of Mt. St. Helens

Link #6  Volcano hazards

Link #7  Volcano benefits
        Recreation, soil, geothermic power

Link #8  Mount St. Helens photos

Link #9  Monthly Summaries

Link #10  Volcano jokes

A quick review for copying, pasting and saving information for your volcano project:
 1. Have an office document/file opened & minimized
 2. Skim your web page for appropriate information
 3. Highlight the desired text
 4. Rt. Clk. over test
 5. Scroll to
 6. Restore your office document
 7. Rt. Clk. on the page
 8. Scroll to
 (note: text will be dropped where ever the cursor is blinking)
 1. Rt. Clk. over image
 2. Scroll to
Save Image As
 3. Scroll to
 4. Clk.
Useful links
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