Pizitz Players

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

There are many wonderful ways in which you can get involved in your child’s production. Check out the opportunities listed below and call or email me in order to sign up and get started!

Makeup Design / Crew Supervision:
Help supervise students as they find makeup designs, inventory supplies to determine makeup needed to purchase, and assist them as they apply makeup before plays.

Often students will need part of their costume made and don’t know who to ask. If you enjoy sewing, this is a great job for you. If you don’t sew, but like thrift shopping, or finding just the right costume selections for students to purchase, we’d love to have you, too.

Scenery & Props Construction:
Do you like to build things? Do you like to paint? Do you have a truck?
If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, or if you didn’t and still think you would enjoy working alongside our students while we create props and scenery for the plays, then this job is for you!

SCENERY PROJECTS FOR CURRENT PLAY: If you would like to help with a specific scenery project for this play, click on the link below...

Props Committee:
We really need someone who can take the props list and run with it. This person or people would find, make, or borrow items from the props list so that actors can rehearse with them.

Backstage or Dress Rehearsal Supervision:
Assist students in the dressing rooms before each play to make sure everyone is safe, focused, quiet and happy… We always need extra hands for the dress rehearsal, as well.

Cast Party Coordinator:
Host or arrange a special event for our students in celebration of a job well done.

Anything else?

Let me know if you have special talents and interests you’d like to share with us.
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