vvmspoetryap8 Ms. Burgin
Valley View Middle School 8th Grade English teacher
This activity combines research with poetry analysis.

Deadlines will be given to you in class, please follow them carefully.

Step one: Pick a poet from the provided list.  No two people
in the same class may pick the same poet.

Step two:Go to www.refdesk.com (below) and use any of the
encyclopedia links to look up your poet.You may also do a search for information on your poet (links are below).
From this information, you will write a brief research
paper (2-3 pgs) on your poet, including facts important dates, families, education, family life, published works, jobs, and other important information.        
There must be at least two sources used in your research. Every bit of information must FIRST be written      
in the provided note chart with proper source documentation included.  Do this as you take notes or you will have to retrace your steps.  Include your note chart with the finished project.

Step three:  Pick ONE of your poet's poems and anaylize it
using TP-CASTT.  Be sure to use evidence and commentary
in your analysis.

Step four:  using your research, write a resume of your poet.

Final Project:  On a posterboard or very large sheet of paper
place the subject's name at center top and then  your paper, a picture of the poet, the resume of his/her
life, a copy of the poem, and your TP-CASTT analysis.
The note chart will be turned in at the same time but
it is NOT attached to the poster board.
Useful links
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