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Assignments for the week of Feb 21-25

Feb 21 Film with worksheet, "Lies of the Heart"

Feb 22 Film "Hear me Cry"  No worksheet with this
       one. Make a note of the title, main
       characters, plot in your notes.

Feb 23 Notes on Mental Health

Under useful links there is a site for the Yellow Ribbon Campaign. If you know a teen who is depressed and needs help visit this site, ask for help.

February 29 - Film "Has Anyone Seen Phil?"

March 1 - Reading comprehension exercise. 
     Mrs. Willis will Read text about Meantal 
     Disorders.  Students will use a handout
     and listen for key information to answer the

March 2 - Continuation of yesterdays lesson.

March 3 - Finish notes on Mental Disorders

March 6 - Open note test on Stress and
     Mental Disorders.

March 7 - Define the following terms:  eating
     disorders, binge, purge, addiction, body
     image, perfectionism, anorexia nervosa,
     bulimia, binge eating disorder, obesity,
     anorectic drug.
     Lesson 40 Eating disorders
     Film:  Fast Food
     Writing:  Choose your favorite fast food
     and write a paragraph or an acrostic poem
     about it or the restaurant.
     Check out the ANRED site below

March 8 - Film:  The Danger Zone
     Write the title and summary of the film.

March 9 - Notes on Nutrition (Lesson 31)
     Received permission forms for Repro. Health
     Return signed ASAP.

March 10 - Field trip DMVC
     Continuation of Nutrition Notes
     Nutrient Match Game
     Study your notes over the weekend.

March 13 - Inservice for teachers, student holiday

March 14 - Film:  "Diet for a New America" with
     handout.  Homework for tomorrow:  Bring in a
     food label with nutrition facts on it.

March 15 - Today's topic "Food Labels"

March 16 - Finish any final notes + review

March 17 - Major test on Nutrition
Useful links
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