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To whom it may concern,
   Hello, this is Mr.WAFF calling from somewhere in Indonesia. I have locked a series of ULTRA-SECRET SUPER DOOPER games inside a site. You'll need to go to the CODE SYSTEM AC-120 and defeat the game to figure out the code. Once figuring out the code, you can get to two sites. One, the ULTRA-SECRET SUPER DOOPER VIRTUAL SAFE, which is contained within another site that contains the webmasters coommentary of WAFFy stuff. So listen up,
1)Play the CODE SYSTEM AC-120 game and beat it.
2)Use the directions in the game to enter your code into the ULTRA-SECRET SUPER DOOPER VIRUTAL SAFE. This breaks into the site and allows you to enter it.
3)Receive the commentary and random stuff from Tim.
4)Use a link inside the locked site to get to the EVEN MORE ULTRA-SECRET SUPER DOOPER VIRTUAL SAFE.
5)Play the ULTRA-SECRET SUPER DOOPER games made personally by the mysterious figure, Mr.WAFF.

Got that ? Okay, I'll be sending the Web Adress for the SAFE and the game will appear on WAFF.com soon. I'll e-mail you when I do that.

You best buddy,
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