Lessons for the substitute
Dear Substitute,

Here are the plans for my classes.  You don't need to project this on the board, just please write the pertinent info on the board and be sure students know what is due and when, according to my instructions. Thanks for being here today!  If you need clarification, you can call me from  my room phone by dialing 9-991-9750.  I'll be at the doctor at some point but otherwise available if you need help with the plans.
Thanks for coming in!

Plans for Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Please make 40 copies of the German I handout I left on my desk and 68 copies of the German II handouts

Periods 1 and 5- German I

1.  Students should read the dialog found on p. 68 of their books.  They should use their "Kapitel 3 Was Machst Du?" vocab list from last week to help.

2.  They should write a translation in English of the dialog on the back of the handout.

3.  They should answer the questions on the front of the handout - short answer, not complete sentences.

4.  As seen on the bottom of the handout, they should do EX 1 and 2 out of the book on the back of the handout.  They should keep all of this in their notebooks for me to check on Thursday.

5.  Pass out the papers I left for you for this class.  They started this activity on Monday.  To finish it, they should now write a true sentence about themselves for each of the questions they had asked a partner on Monday in class.   Use gern/nicht gern.  When finished with their 12 sentences about themselves they should turn this paper back in to you again or be ready to turn it in on Thursday. 

Periods 2, 3 and 7- German II

1.  Pass out the copies you made, and then pass out the class papers that I left for each period.    They should continue, in groups, to answer the question about the youth hostel described on page 56 of their text book.  They should pick up where the group left off on Monday and work to the end, continuing to DECIDE TOGETHER on the best answer and TAKE TURNS recording the groups responses.
They should turn this in to you when finished and get the next part of the assignment.

2.  As each group finishes, collect their answer sheet and show them the remaining assignment.  In the workbook section of their new set of handouts, they should complete Ex. 3 and 4.  Both are about youth hostels.  In one they just have to tell which youth hostel offers each of the services/amenities listed, in the other they correct the misinformation.  My handouts are tucked in my level 2 textbook on the counter.  You should be able to locate the exercises to see which ones I mean.  Due Thursday

Study Hall period 4 - you can send 7 students who have their ID cards to the library.
2nd lunch, after study hall
Period 6 free
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