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Wahlquist Jr. High GeographyII
Nimen hao ma?

Welcome to Geography II at Wahlquist Jr. High!
Take your shot at the activities and see what you learn.

Below are just a few testimonials.

"Wow what an amazing learning experience, I got a charlie horse in my brain!!" -Albert E.

"Wow, I could play these 24/7!" -Galileo G.

"Do I get extra credit?" -Anonynous WJH student

"Three thumbs up!?" -Rosie O., Regis P. & Oprah W.

"An incredible computer feat!" -Bill G.
My Quia activities and quizzes
East Asia Test Review
Countries and Capitals of East Asia
East Asian Terms
East Asia Review
Southeast Asia Jeopardy
Bonus Point Activity
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