walkerscoatis Mr. Walker
Marana Middle School Social Studies Teacher

WELCOME! This page is updated on a weekly basis. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions regarding my class. It is the last week of school! My, how the hear has gone by quickly. I want to thank you for being my students this year, you all made my year simply magnificent. Ihope to have you all as students again next year! Have a fun but safe summer!

A NOTE ABOUT TUTORING: I would like to make sure that all Coatimundi parents are aware that I have tutoring every Wednesday after school. Tutoring occurs from 2:25 to 4:15. Activity buses are available for students. Students attending tutoring can work on any subject (not just Social Studies).

Tutoring time can be used for the following reasons.
~ 1. For individualized instruction to reinforce concepts previously taught in class.
~ 2. For individualized instruction to learn material that was missed due to absences.
~ 3. As a study hall.
~ 4. To make-up tests.
~ 5. To make-up work that was missed due to absences.
~ 6. To make up assignments that were not turned in on time.
~ 7. For Accelerated Reader.

Walker's Weekly Reminders:

M - 5/19- End of the Year Review: Historical Skits.

T- 5/20 - Finish Skits, Evaluate Mr. Walker!

W - 5-22 - I will be absent today for 8th grade promotion practice. I will either make arrangements for a substitute or will send students to other MMS teachers.

Th - 5-23 - I will be absent today for 8th grade promotion.

III. Helpful Files

IV. Lesson Agendas

Tentative Lesson Agendas for the Week of May 5, 2008

Tentative Lesson Agendas for the Week of Monday April, 28 2008

My Quia activities and quizzes
Spanish-American War (U.SII.4a)
Big Business and Inventions
American Industry
Civil War Rags to Riches
Civil War Jeopardy Challenge
Civil War Million $ Challenge
Citizenship Test
US Citizenship Game
Cities and Regions
Geography of the World
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