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     Hints for reading Cantos 8-13 of Beowulf

Before you begin reading Cantos 8-13, make sure you can answer all the questions on the handout I gave you on drawing inferences and finding evidence for Cantos 1-7.

Questions for study of Cantos 8-13:

1.  What would be an appropriate title for the first half of Canto 8?  Be specific about why.

2.  Discuss what specific details we learn about Welthow.  Draw logical inferences about these details.

3.  How does Beowulf display the Anglo-Saxon idea of fairness?  Be specific.

4.  How does Beowulf distinguish himself from ordinary men in the battle with Grendel?  Give specific details.

5.  Explain the story of Siegmund and Hermod.  What purpose does it serve in Canto 13? 

Use these questions as you read your assignment for Monday.  Be ready to discuss these and any other questions you might have. 

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