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   Get ready for The God of Small Things

Begin your study of this novel with a careful, thoughtful reading of chapter 1 which serves as a sort of prologue to the entire story.  The main character returns to her home twenty-three years after the main events of the novel.  Try to keep an accounting of the characters' names and their relationships with each other.  Roy hints when we're in the present (1992) and when she flashs back, so we have to be paying attention to her signals.  She gives us all manner of dark hints about the events leading up to Sophie Mol's death.  Pay particular attention to the last few sentences of chapter 1.  And if you do continue with your reading past chapter 1, notice how the epigraph introduces the sentence which continues at the beginning of chapter 2. Also pay special attention to chapter titles. . .

Notice new useful links below related to TGOST.  Pay special attention to the first link which is a study guide for the novel.  My suggestion is that you print it out and use it as a guide for your reading. 

Useful links
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