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Should we take cloning to the human level?
Pro - Yes. We should.

          Cloning is one of the most important scientific achievements in recent years. Unlike other scientific accomplishments that have occurred this century, such as the invention of the nuclear bomb, cloning does not harm others, but instead can be used to help people and also further our knowledge about the human body. Far from being unethical and not beneficial, cloning, and especially human cloning, is a useful scientific tool that does no harm.
          First of all, human cloning can be used as a way to medically treat people. Parents who risk passing a genetic defect on to their children could prevent passing on that defect to their children. To do this, a fertilized ovum could be cloned, and the duplicate tested for disease and disorder. If the clone was free from defects, then other would be as well. The latter could be implanted in the womb.
          Damage to the nervous system could also be treated through cloning. Damaged adult nerve tissue does not regenerate on its own and stem cells might be able to repair the damaged tissue. Due to the fact that that procedure requires a large amount of cells, human embryo cloning could provide those extra cells.
          Cloning also benefits scientific research and adds to the understanding of genetics. If scientists were able to clone humans, they could gather more information on genetic defects and other traits that are passed through each generation.
          Also, cloning could provide spare parts. Fertilized ova could be cloned into several zygotes, one would be implanted and the others would be frozen for future use. In the event the child required a transplant, another zygote could be implanted, matured, and eventually contribute to the transplant.
          Since the process of cloning a human deals with non-living components, there is nothing ethically wrong with cloning a human being. Human cloning is no more ethically wrong than abortion, birth-control, or any other process that deals with the tampering of human cells.

     Micheal Jordan's return to basketball is one of the most talked about sports stories today. Jordan has gone from being "99 percent sure" he would never return to play in the NBA to the starting small-forward on the Washington Wizard's roster. Critics of Jordan's decision to return to the NBA have been somewhat silenced after Jordan's first few pre-season games, in which Jordan has scored 91 points in only 73 minutes. However, people are still concerned that he won't be able to remain healthy enough to play during the season.  
     In Jordan's pre-season debut on October 11 against the Detroit Pistons he scored 8 points, had 3 rebounds, and had 1 steal in 16 minutes as Washington lost 95-85.
     "I suprised myeslf," said Jordan after the game. "My energy was good, especially in the first quarter. I still have some improvement in terms of my wind. My legs are coming back. I'm on schedule. It's been three years since I've played in an exhibition game, and it's going to take some time.
      Jordan's next pre-season game was with the Miami Heat on October 13. In it, Jordan scored 18 points and had 3 rebounds in 12 first-half minutes, leading Washington to a 99-76 win.
      After the game, Jordan talked about his return, saying, "I wouldn't have come back if I didn't feel capable of playing like I played in the first quarter. I'm not saying that I'm done yet. I'm still moving. That was 12 minutes I played. I'm working my way up to 30, 32 minutes. It was a good outing today, but I will build on that."
     Jordan recieved a minor foot injury in the game against Miami and as a result might miss the rest of the preseason.  
     Doug Collins, the coach of the Wizards, talked about the injury yesterday, saying, "Micheal wants to play all 82. I think what he's doing right now is sort of fighting through the aches and pains of getting himself in shape the way he wants to be. But I think the doctors assured him that it's nothing serious."
     The injury did not appear to be serious, as Jordan went on to a 24 point performance against the Detroit Pistons on October 18th, while playing 32 minutes, the longest he has played yet.
     However, Jordan's most spectacular performance this pre-season came two days later against the New Jersey Nets. In only 33 minutes, Jordan scored 41 points in the Wizard's 102-95 loss. Jordan brought the Wizards from an 18-point deficit to within two in an early third quarter rally, but when Jordan went out of the game the Wizards fell apart and by the time Jordan had returned they were down by 17.
    The question now is not whether or not Jordan can play up to his old standards, but whether the Wizards can get the rest of the team to support him.
    "Michael got his 33 minutes," Collins said after the game with New Jersey. "He was the only thing that only gave us any kind of stability the entire game. Is it scary? Yes, it is. And we've got to change it. It's not the 33 minutes. It's the fact that if he doesn't score or make something happen, we struggle."
    The Wizard's regular season opener takes place November 3. against the Phillidelphia 76ers. By then, Collins hopes his team will be working with Jordan, instead of depending on him. "Right now they're playing in awe. The positive is his explosiveness. The negative is that when he wasn't on the floor, we were bad."
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