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I am also doing an article on the Pro-Choice side of abortion. Many people think that abortion should be a choice. It has been said that if a woman made the choice to get pregnant she can take it away.

If a woman is raped and gets pregnant, and doesnt want to keep the baby of her rapist, it has been said that she can take it away. But many people think that it shouldnt be taken away either.

Some people have said that it should be the states choice whether or not a woman has an abortion. I have read up on the debate and the major problems that people have is that it should be a womans choice, not the states.

Also there is a major problem with people standing outside of abortion clinics and screaming and verbaly terrorising women walking in to the clinic. People stand and yell at women walking in.

It has also been debated that it should only be a woman's choice to have an abortion. A man should have no say in it, it has been said. A woman should have a right to choose

"Michael Jordan is perhaps the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball," His fans have said. He has six championship rings to back up this claim, including three straight from 1991-1993 and three more in 1996-1998.

     Michael Jordan is the Chicago bulls superstar who beat Charles Barkley of the Phoenix Suns and Akeem Oajuwon of the Washington Bullets at the time. 
   Michael is married; Him and his wife Juanita have three children, Jasmine, Jeffrey and Marcus. They were planning on moving in to a 3.85 million-dollar house with his wife and three children, until his financial advisers told him to hold off.

He looked at and toured a 18,000 dollar a month, five bedroom, 6 1/2 bathroom, 4,210 square foot condo at the Ritz- Carlton hotel, the hotel denied that the condo just found a renter. The couple was talking about letting the two boys share one room and letting the girl take one of the others. A few days later, Jordan's rep called with the news that the Jordan's were looking for temporary housing for now.

    Michael Attended the University of North Carolina for college and during freshman year was named the ACC Rookie of the Year. He was the third pick in the Draft after declaring early eligibility. After his junior year the Portland Trailblazers passed of Jordan for Sam Bowie.

    Jordan Started for the Eastern all-stars as a rookie and was named to the All NBA Second team as well as the All- Rookie First team and Rookie of the year.

     Jordan, a UNC alumni, was named the Cencus player of the year in 1984.

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