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Campbell High School  
Year 10 Group Assignment - Term 4 2000.

This assignment is due on */*/** and is to be completed as a group of FOUR.

You may complete this assignment as either:
1) a word document saved onto a disk which you hand to me on the due date
2) a word document which is emailed to me
3) a word processed or handwritten piece of work handed to me during regular class time.

Expected Length of this assignment : ** pages

Setting the scene
An child answers a phonecall and says her parents are 'asleep'.  Their bodies are found in an advanced state of decomposition and there is blood on the floor. A car found wrecked, a pile of empty bottles and a spent cartridge point to a suspect with a cast iron alibi.

The Assignment
Each person in the group assumes one of the following roles:
* a forensic toxicologist
* a forensic biologist
* a forensic pathologist and
* a forensic entomologist.

Group members must then write about
* the branch of science they work in
* common jobs/activities/processes they will undertake in the course of their employment
* details of equipment they use
* their role in investigating the above scenario
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