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Welcome to the English page for the second quarter. There will be a number of things we will be working on during the coming months that are listed below.  We have begun our work on the Family Project.  After an extensive discussion on the meaning of family we launched into our family trees and who we would choose to be the focus of this project.  We have read a biography to help us develop the points we need to write the biography of our main character for the project.  Each student has a calendar where the due dates for each part of the project can be found.  Questions that need to be asked and their responses, and a draft  of the character sketch (not a drawing) are due Thursday and Friday of this week (November 27-December 1) .  The time line draft is due the week of December 4 and the final character sketch is due the week of December 11.  A draft of the completed biography is due the week of December 18.  Most if not all of the planning for these assignments will be completed in class.  We will be reading the following stories from our Literature Book: “A Ribbon for Baldy”, “The White Umbrella”, “Christmas Day in the Morning”, “The Day I Got Lost”, “Hamadi”
Response questions will apply to all of these stories.  In Grammar we will continue our study of the parts of speech, specifically adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions and will review the uses of nouns, and verbs.  There will be a special writing prompt for December given to all of the classes the week of December 4 with a final copy due for blocks C, D, E, on December 12 and blocks a, b, on December 13.  Students will still be expected to have 8 entries in their journals by the end of the quarter as well as outside reading completed and recorded in their reading log.  Blocks B and D should have read 4 outside books and blocks A, C, and E should have read 3 outside reading books.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Magner by email or by phone.
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