waveteamcivics Mrs. Merson and Mr.Cardona
Glasgow Middle School Civics teachers
Welcome to the Wave Team Civics page!  We are looking forward to an exciting year.  We will explore the need for government and the workings of the United States Government.

Civics answers the following essential questions:

How are individual liberties and freedoms safegaurded?
What are the roles of the citizen in our democratic republic?
How do individuals make informed political decisions?
How do candidates win elections?
Has the governemnt affirmed the principles set forth in the United States Constituion?
What purposes does government serve?
How does government in the United States work?
What is the role of the united States in a changing world?
What role does government play in a nation's economy?
How do individuals make informed economic decisions?
How does the informed citizen use geographic information to understand the world?

These questions will guide our curriculum for the year. Check often for updates!

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