waychoffsyllabus Mr. Waychoff
Mr. Waychoff              Team Apollo Math Syllabus  2000/2001

  Courses: Algebra ½  &  Math 76

  Content: These courses are designed to allow students to develop
  their mathematical skills that will be needed in the Saxon Algebra
  sequence.  Each course establishes and develops basic algebraic
  concepts and promotes the critical thinking process, as well as
  beginning to focus on mathematical connections.Each course is a step in
  the Saxon sequence which allows for the development in algebra skills
  by the time the student graduates.  MA 76 prepares the student for
  Alg ½ just as Alg ½ prepares the student for Algebra 1.

  A.  Tests - Each test is 15 to 20 questions worth 100 points each (6 - 8
  tests per nine weeks with lowest score per nine weeks dropped)

  B.  Homework - 4 points each (Approx. 30 assignments per nine weeks)
  (Incomplete or unacceptable assignments will be returned with a NA
  on them which can be redone and turned in for 2 points) I also give
  students 12 points up front which allows for missing three assignments
  per nine weeks that won't hurt their grade.

  C. Notebooks - Notebooks will be collected once each nine weeks
  (notebooks are worth 100 points and count as a test grade)

  D. Journals - Students will keep daily journal of lessons learned.  This
  will entail writing 1 or 2 sentences regarding what they learned about
  the lesson.  (journals will be worth 100 points each nine weeks and
  count as a test grade)

  E. Vocabulary - Students will be required to learn mathematical
  vocabulary. Each nine weeks there will be a vocabulary test as well as a
  vocabulary final.

  F. Other - There will be other occasional assignments as well (math
  interview, Internet assignments, quizzes, open-ended questions,
  mathematician project, etc.)

  G. Effort - Each nine weeks there is a possible 25 points for effort.

  Beginning of Class Procedure: this is a must, will be enforced strictly
  1. Come in with all needed material and sit down quietly. (I don't lend
  2. Fill out agendas completely.
  3. Get out any assignments that were due.

  Consequences:  Will be dictated by Team Apollo Rules

  Rewards: a.  Light music when working on HW
  b.  Math BINGO
  c.  Possible NO HOMEWORK days
  d.  Candy
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