wazuppeoples jill bill
brook hill and jollynolly17@hotmail.com
Was up my peoples? Hows it goin? Normal people scare me. Do they scare you? My 2 favorite colors are GREEN and BLUE!!!!
I have like 3 e-mail acounts. Mabey when you get the chance you can e-mail me at thes 3 e-mails, Lovemoon90@hotmail.com,Jollynolly17@hotmail.com,And y2_jill@hotmail.com. I have 3-best freinds. They are
Jenna,Molly,and Cassie.Molly has a lot of problems. Jenna and Cassie are cool. Well I guss that I better go. Don;t forget to e-mail me.ok.ok. SEE YA!!!!
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