wcook Mr. Cook
Chester W. Nimitz High School World History teacher
T2 Wk1 C10 Byzantines and Slavs (pages 244-264)
   Wk2 C7  Flowering of African Civilizations (pp. 182-196)
           C11 Islamic Civilization (pages 268-290)

  Test Thursday, 10-26-00 C10 & C7

  UNIT TEST THURSDAY 11-2-00 C7, C10, C11

  C12 Test [11-16-00] The Early Middle Ages

  C13 Hangman + point opportunity is due 11-27-00
  C13 pages 316-337

  Read C15 pages 372-393

  Term Exams 12-13 & 12-14
My Quia activities and quizzes
The Byzantine Empire
Use information found in C10-1 & 10-2
African History
Use information found in C7-1, 7-2, & 7-3
C11 Quiz - Islamic Civilization
Use C11-1 & C11-2 when taking this quiz.
C7 & C10 Short Answer Possibilities
Short Answer possibilites for the C7 & C10 test.
C12 Test Short Answer Questions
Short Answer Questions for the C12 Test
Medieval Europe at Its Height (C13)
Use C13 to defeat the hangman. Print and hand in a copy of those that you win no later than 11-27-00.
C13 Test Short Answer Questions
Short answer questions for the C13 Test
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