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The second six weeks First Grade was very busy. 
We  can add equations to 10 and subtraction equations from 10.  We also learned about fact families to 10.  We also learned to identify whole and one/half and one/fourth.  Fractions can be fun!!  We can identify main idea, characters, and sequence events in the books we read.  We watched "The Smoke Detectives" and learned about Fire Safety.  We also learned about gun safety from Eddie the Eagle..  We filled out voter registration cards so we will be ready to vote in the Presidential Election in November.   Our favorite subject the second six weeks was science, because we studied Arachnids.  The highlight was the visit of the Tarantulas!!!  If you see a First Grader, ask him or her to sing the spider song.  Then, you too, will become a spider expert!

The third six weeks  First Grade will be studying living/non-living systems, Native Americans, Pilgrims, Needs and Wants, and Goods and Services.   It's never to early to learn how our economic system works!  We will made 3-d shapes with playdough, identify plane shapes, study ordinal numbers, odd & even numbers, and standard and non-standard measurement.    Of course, we will continue to practice our reading, writing, and decoding skills.
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