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It’s hard to believe we are ready to start the 3rd grading period already!  The second grade teachers are so pleased with the work our students are doing.  We’ve had some fun celebrations and activities going on this past 6 weeks.  There was a big school-wide celebration for Wolfe’s Exemplary status on TAAS last year!  We are gearing up for this year’s TAAS.  We also had many fun activities during Red Ribbon Week, Oct. 30-Nov.4th.  The students enjoyed creating banners for their classrooms and participating in a school parade! Thanks to all the homeroom mothers who helped cut out red construction paper for our paper chain!

In Language Arts Mrs. Springer’s class was busy getting stories ready to be published in the WE Press.  We can’t wait to read them!  2nd grade has been learning about nouns and pronouns this past grading period.  The students are able to identify and mark the nouns and pronouns in sentences.  The students also learned about singular and plural nouns and how the spelling changes for some plural nouns. The students will continue to work on organizing and writing their own stories. The 3rd grading period we will be identifying and marking verbs. 
In Reading we have been reading many stories related to friends and friendship.  The students have been learning how to use diagrams and graphs in stories to help you understand what you are reading. The students have been identifying and describing the important parts of stories: characters, settings, problems and solutions.  Their reading is getting better each day.  We just finished a reading program, The Reading Olympics.  Students kept track of the number of minutes they read and earned prizes (medals) for the amount of time they read!  The students are also taking lots of AR tests and earning new dog tags for their Wolfe necklaces!

In Math we have been studying money!  The students practiced counting half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies to totals of 99 cents. They are money machines! They love pretending to buy different grocery items and use their “money” to show the correct amount. We also started learning about time.  The students are telling time to 5 minute intervals.  We will continue to practice time and we will be learning how to add 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping.  The students will also be measuring (length, width, temperature, area and perimeter) the 3rd grading period.

In Science we had a fun time learning about rocks, minerals and soil.  We even had some fun food activities to go along with some of these new concepts!  Ask your child how a peanut butter sandwich is similar to the Earth’s crust! The students studied the 3 types of rocks and did some fun experiments on their own “pet” rocks!  The 3rd grading period we will be learning about the weather, including the water cycle, clouds, temperature and seasons.

In Social Studies we discussed Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the New World.  We also learned about the 7 continents and the different land forms on the Earth.  The students discussed the functions of government and learned about the upcoming Presidential election.  The students filled out a Wolfe voter registration card and participated in a mock election.  The 3rd grading period we will be discussing Native American Indians and we will take our first field trip to the Outdoor Learning Center in Katy to visit a replica of an Indian village.

Remember-  Each day is a great day to learn something new!
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