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Welcome to the Wolfe Third Grade Classroom Connections Site.  This site is designed to help you as a parent keep up to date with your child's curriculum and assignments.
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The following are announcements of major activities for 3rd grade.   Parents, please check the student Time Tracker for daily assignments.

This page will be updated once each six weeks.  
Next update: April 2001.

1.  In Social Studies the students studied the government.  The students worked in groups to study the three branches of goverment.
2.  In Science the students are studying simple machines.
3.  In Math the students are studying division and decimals. Also, they will continue to work on problem solving.

4.  The Spelling Units for this six weeks are Unit 25 through Unit 30.
5.  The Book Mobile for this six weeks will be due on
March 27, 2001.  

6.  In reading and language we will be working in Literature Circles to discuss various chapter books.  This will enhance our reading and writing skills.  Also, we will be working on how to write compare and contrast papers.

7.  Third grade is participating in Writers in the School (WITS).  Every Friday a writer will come and work with each class on their writing skills.




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