we4 4th Grade
Wolfe Elementary Wolfe Elementary
We’re doing great things in Fourth Grade and our parents should be very proud of us. 

First, we have been digging into Science.  We studied about rock formation and identification, fossil and trace fossils, and how Pangaea separated into the many continents. 

Next, we really are enjoying the map skills and stories in social studies.  We practiced “How to draw the World in 30 seconds.”  Ask us to draw the continents for you and see what a great job we have done.  We are presently studying about some of the first Indian Tribes in Texas.  We’ve learned about their foods, cultures and housing.  We even learned some information about the nearby Karankawan Indians that made us not want to meet up with them!

Finally, we are learning our math facts and practicing long multiplication problems in math.  We are presently multiplying two digit numbers times three digit numbers.  We’ve got the concept, but we need some more practice before we go on to our next chapter on measurement.
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