weathermaps Miss Marce
Camelback High School Earth Science Teacher
Welcome to Meteorology(March 27 - 31, 2000)

This week you will learn to read weathermaps by looking at different map symbols. You will also learn about different climates and how they are affected by such things as latitude and elevation.

Monday: Let's take a Look at Today's Weather Report
1. Complete Today's Weather Report
2. Complete Weather Symbols
3. Click on Weather Symbols Game
Make a table with 3 columns (#1-15, Symbol, drawing)
and fill it in as you play the game.

Tuesday: Different Types of Climates
1. Complete Climates
2. Click on Weather Channel
What is today's weather like on the east coast,
central region, and west coast of the USA today?
Eastern and western Canada? Northern Mexico? Europe?

Wednesday/Thursday: What affects climate?

Friday:Convection, Conduction, Radiation
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