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This week in class we will be covering the 3rd and 4th chapters of our text.  Be sure to read the attached readings that serve as a companion to the textbook.  You will not be test over this material this week but you will need to know if for next week's test.

Introduction to tables tags.

Begin building a table, specifics of the table will be on the board.

Everybody has a thorn in their side and a saddle under butt and I hope you are happy.

Can you see the rest of the people on the dock that are wondering if they made the right decision in coming to America?  I don't think that they will be very happy when they find out that they are the only ones who made that decision.

No School

Don't forget about our field trip coming up next month.  Everyone needs to bring $7.00 to me be the 3rd of the month.  If you do not you will not be allowed to go.
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