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Here's a WebQuest that you could share with tutors and students and anyone interested in exploring some wonderful WWW resources. It includes a look at past Presidential Elections and the 2000 race.

A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all the information that participants interact with comes from resources on the Internet. The LVA-Verizon (GTE) project has used WebQuests for staff development and for student activities.

If you e-mail your WebQuest answers to me (ccarlin@lightlink.com) by September 26, 2000, your name will go in a drawing for a $100.00 educational software gift certificate.

You do not need to be an LVA - Verizon (GTE) site to participate.




**The Task**

Explore the suggested Resources to discover some useful WWW sites for political and election information. Access video and pictures at online sites like C-Span and CNN. Test your knowledge of the 2000 campaign and past elections.


Specific Tasks and Resources and Questions

>>> Begin at the C-Span Campaign 2000 site:


Check out the Convention coverage and the recent programs and listen to the speeches and interviews with the candidates. Look at the Related Resources section which contains a Calendar, Campaign Video Search, Teaching Resources, etc. Download the free copy of RealPlayer if you need it (to watch the video).


(1) Go to the "Related Resources" and to the "Campaign Calendar." What is the date of the October Vice Presidential debate?

(2) In the Presidential Debates Commission area – and "Debates Make History" Êwho, along with Jimmy Carter, debated Ronald Reagan in 1980?


>>> Now, go to Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections


Here you can check out popular and electoral voting results for many national elections.


(3) During the 1968 election, how many votes did George Wallace receive in New Mexico?

(4) Who was Adlai Stevenson’s VP candidate in the 1952 election?

Check out other dates/ elections that may be of interest to you.


>>> Now jump to the NY Times "Learning Network" and "The Times Looks Back: Presidential Elections 1896 to 1996. Ê



(5) In the 1948 Truman – Dewey race, what newspaper printed the famous headline: DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN?

(6) In 1912, Teddy Roosevelt ran as the candidate of what party?

(7) In the 1912, three-way race, Republican William Taft carried which two states?


>>> If you have a family literacy project and are working with younger literacy students and their parents, have them check out the Election Co-nection:


Look at "Be a Voter" and read about the candidates that students have created. Vote for your favorite candidate.


>>> Explore www.cnn.com and the "Politics" section on the left. Check out the audio and video archives. Are you able to play the video?


>>> Go to Politics1.com / Presidency 2000:


Explore the Directory of Political debates and Issues


(8) Under the "Issue: Campaign and Political Reform" What is the purpose of "Voters for None of the Above?

(9) On the "Presidency 2000" page -- who is running with Ralph Nader on the Green Party ticket?

Follow the links to information on Gore and Bush. Follow the related links to places of interest.


>>> Head to the Eastern LINCS WWW site at


and look at the "Pick Your Candidate" lesson plan.


(10) Under the chapter "How to Decide" -- what are steps 3 and 6?

Check out the "Key to Community: Voter Involvement Project" tutorial.
This tutorial was created for students to learn about overcoming the barriers that prevent them from greater civic participation.


>>> Explore the Nat. Institute for Literacy and other LINCS sites (www.nifl.gov) and the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network/OTAN (www.otan.dni.us) for other resources on elections and civic participation. (You will need to register at the OTAN site -- it’s free -- to be able to access all the resources).



There are dozens of WWW sites with information on Election 2000, past Presidential campaigns, voting and civic participation. Both ESL and basic literacy students might benefit from an Internet tour of these valuable resources.

As you explore these sites and discover other ones, compile a list that tutors and students can use for lessons.

If you have questions or comments, please e-mail me at ccarlin@lightlink.com

Don’t forget, if you would like to have a chance at the $100 gift certificate, e-mail the answers to the questions.


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