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As you know, there is only one 6 week period remaining in the year. While you will continue to learn new material, it is important to pull together all of the skills you have learned thus far.

A new paragraph will be added to your autobiography in which you discuss things you "are going to do" with your future, using the "ir a infinitive" construction.  

You will add a wardrobe to your monster that you created April 14th, and write a paragraph which discusses what the monster is wearing.

After your test on regular -ar, -er, -ir verbs, plus ser, estar, ir, dar, tener, mantener, ver, you will learn how to conjugate "stem-changing verbs".

As soon as lesson 12 has been completed, you will receive a new text, which is the same you will continue with next year in level II.

The end of the year focuses on verbs and verb conjugation. Keep your verb charts up-to-date at all times, and try some of the games and quizzes you see below.  I hope it makes learning "espanol" more fun for you!

Senora Webster
My Quia activities and quizzes
Las Partes del Cuerpo
Las Partes Del Cuerpo
Las Partes del Cuerpo
Verbos - infinitivos
Practice with the infinitives in English/Spanish
Verbos lecciones 1-10
Short quiz on conjugations
Verbos lecciones 1-10: session verbos1
Practice quiz verbs lessons 1-10 (ec)
Vocabulary clothes & colors
lesson 11 quiz practice
Translation practice lesson 11
lesson 11 practice
Stem-changing verbs: session stem-changing verbs
Stem-changing verbs
stem-changing verbs
stem-changing verb practice
Useful links
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