wefirstgrade First Grade
Maurice L. Wolfe Elementary  
Be sure to check the homework sheet each night.  Every six weeks a new homework sheet with the spelling words and the vocabulary words for that six weeks are put in your child's folder.

3rd Six Weeks Concepts & Units

Big Books/Literature Spalding/Phonics

 I Wish I Could Fly Review all phonograms daily.
 Flap Your Wings and Try ey       ie     gn     tch
 The Chick & The Ducking      eigh     oe     wr      si
 Across the Stream      ei    ti     ph      ci
igh      kn    dge     ough


 Ordinal Numbers  Pilgrms
 Addition/Subtraction to 10  Trade & Barter
 Geometry (3D shapes)  Thanksgiving
 Measurement (non-standard,  Holiday Customs
inches & centimeters)  Wants and Needs
 Time (hour/half hour)  Animals in the Winter

                      VOCABULARY WORDS

pulled too hole chick shell
swim hen left other deep
swimming are away how men
here am where this out
dream bird could fly get
day don't can't wish like
were digging little look try
four one mother six back
quack luck


if way went see down time
came just there father friend got
love were baby every had home
would walk back dog now ask


**Friday, November 19, we will have our Thanksgiving Feast
**Monday, Nov. 22-26, are the Thanksgiving holidays.
**Dec. 6-10, is the Student Council Gift Drive Week.
**Dec. 17 t 2:40 is our holiday party.
**Dec. 20-Jan 3, are the Winter holidays.
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