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A Bordo Capítulo 11 p277-301  LOS BUENOS MODALES

Vocab I & II Quiz on Thursday


Vocab is ready for you to practice... 11-1A , 11-2B
HOY: el 5 de junio/lunes
1. 3rd and 5th hours go to 
1. 4th & 6th
   subjunctive work in text pp 285-288 and schuam p75-76
2.  workbook p. 122 change each subject in the que clause begining with yo, tu, Ud, ella, nosotros, Uds., ellos
4. Quiz Tuesday Study pp 286-287 Remember to focus:
       A. YO Stem
       B. Opposite endings
       C. Yo and El endings are the same
       D.  No stem changes (ie,ue)in Nosotros
       E. Soy eres es somos son -> sea, seas, seamos, sean
       F. Irregs: Ver, Ir, Ser, Estar, Dar, Saber

el 2 de junio/jueves
1.  4th & 6th subjunctive work/text pp 285-288 & schuam p75-76
1. 3rd and 5th -- Check homework p295
2. Subjunctive w/Impersonal Expressions p290
3. Drill p291
4. If time write out wbk p123 or watch doggy show...
el 1 de junio/jueves 
1. 4 & 6 check homework  5th do workbook, 3rd text p290
2. 4 & 6 Listening Comp STM p253 B C D F & G (I & II)
    vocab quiz
3. 3 & 5 subjunctive quiz A & B
4. 3 & 5 read text 294 w/cdrom and answer p295/written
el 31 de mayo/miercoles 
1. check work for 3rd and 5th(text)
2. continue w/text and schuam

4TH AND 6TH HOURS:  SEE el 23 de mayo  Quiz text 278-282
b>el 30 de mayo/martes 
1. 4th and 6th write paragraph & do work from el 22 de mayo below
2.  subjunctive work in text pp 285-288 and schuam p75-76
b> el 26 de mayo/viernes 
1. power point presentations..all classes
b> el 25 de mayo/martes
1. QUIZ ON voc a and b
2. Discuss subjunctive endings
3. computer lab
b>el 24 de mayo/miercoles  
1. Check work from yesterday... text & wb
2. Review all vocab...text p301
3. Listening Comp STM p253 B C D F & G (I & II)
4. Begin Subjunctive Study text p285-286
5. Study p301 (vocab ) for Quiz
el 23 de mayo/martes  Chapter 11 Day 2
1. Collect wbk pp 119-120
2. Review new vocab
3. text p281-282 Study for Tomorrow's Quiz
4. Write answers for Text p283 A B C
    A Translate and then answer Si o No
    B Write the complete sentence, Fill in the Blank and
       then translate to English
    C Translate the definition...then copy the Correct
        Spanish Answer.. Do not write just A or B 
5. Write a complete sentence about the greetings on p121 of the workbook.  Make sure to conjugate the verbs... Use Se if the verbs is reflexive (each other).

el 22 de mayo  Chapter 11 Day 1
1. Begin Chapter 11 Intro p276
2. Begin Vocab 278
3. Complete A-D pp 119-120 in wbk
4. Check work in class
My Quia activities and quizzes
#11-1A A Bordo Buenos Modales p278-279
#11-2B A Bordo Capítulo 11 Palabras 2 p 281-282 Modales y Costumbres
#11-3A A BordoFormation of Subjunctive (w/o ir stem-change verbs in nosotros)
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