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  Spanish Education
El Hospital--capítulo 4

EL 12 DE ENERO-LUNES & El 13 de enero-martes
1. Collect Progress Reports 2nd hour-lunes
2. Collect 36 F from Spanish 2 2nd hour -lunes
3. Optional Quiz on Vocab 4 B-lunes
4. Review formation of Imperfect-Preterite lunes & martes
5. Review use of the Pret & Imperfect
6. Complete Workbook Activities pp41-46
7. A Bordo Spanish Reviews Chapter 1 & 2 & 3 & 4
8. Look at Exams
9. Get book numbers...from texts

el 8 de enero y el 9 de enero-jueves y viernes
1. Collect Progress Reports
2. review mayor, menor, mejor, peor
3. listening comprehension
4. check workbook homework  COLLECT 36f
5. finish Castaway in Spanish (jueves)
6. VOCAB QUIZ on Monday--OPTIONAL Text 82-83
7. Computer Lab...LHS Site-download oral & exam info
el 7 de enero--
1. Have students put name on Wbk pp 37 & 38 & 39 and collect them.  This is  class work from yesterday.

2. Review meanings of mayor, menor, mejor, peor, el mayor etc....   
      mayor-older  el mayor-the oldest
         menor-younger el menor-the youngest
         mejor-better el mejor-the best
         peor-worse  el peor-the worst
3A. Review (read together) future tense charts w/students text p62...Infinitive + é ás á emos án
    hablaré hablarás hablará hablaremos hablarán
    (same endings for -ar, -er, -ir verbs)
3B. Review (read tog.)Irregular future tense charts on text pp 86-87
    Irregular future use the same endings é ás á emos án but on irregular stems...
  salir,venir, poner, tener   saldré vendré pondré tendré
      poder, querer, saber         podré  querré  sabré
      hacer, decir                 haré  diré

4. Workbook Activities:
           FUTURE TENSE WBK p44 G
           MAYOR,MENOR ETC WBK p44 H & p36 F

      (F must be a complete sentence using mayor etc.)     
           VOCAB- WBK p33 D & E and p42 D & 45/6 J 
      (D-identify  E-give (an)other word(s)that means the
       same...ie for #1 el quirófano-la sala de operaciones)
el 6 de enero--day 2--martes
1. COLLECT Vocab that students were to copy last night for homework from text  pp82-83.
2A. Learn the following and have students copy into their notes...
         mayor-older  el mayor-the oldest
         menor-younger el menor-the youngest
         mejor-better el mejor-the best
         peor-worse  el peor-the worst 
2B. Using information from 2A above, translate to English workbook questions on p  36.
3. Wbk 37 & 38--Read and give answer in English
4. Wbk 39 Read directions & complete any 6 of the 12
el 5 de enero--Prospero Año Nuevo
Spanish II-- 2nd, 3rd & 6th hours  -- 
1.Read Text p92 (A Bordo)
2. Translate each sentence of Reading on p 92. Written. Collect.
3. Using the information from the reading:
     A. Top Activity P.93... Copy all of words in column 1 and copy correct definition from column 2.
     B. Comprensión A P.93...Either Translate or answer each question.
     C. Comprensión B P.93...Copy entire sentence and correctly fill in the blanks.  Underline added words.
4. Homework...Start in class and finish for homework: 
    Copy all words and sentences pp82-83.  2x in Spanish and 1x English. 

el 17-18-19 de diciembre
1. quiz on irregular future
2. Watch "Castaway" in Spanish--deals with postal delivery and message...w/some food seens and basic communications

el 16 de diciembre-martes
1. quiz on vocab...pp78-79 body parts w/locations
   What will happen after a ski accident.
2. Check workbook 34-35
3. Quiz tomorrow on future tense irregulars...YOU MUST KNOW MEANINGS TOO!!! 2h, 2d,1q
4. Review vocab 4-2  & mayor, menor, mejor, peor...drill in text.

el 15 de diciembre--lunes
1. Check from Thursday's homework Irregular Future text86-87
2. review vocab A 78-79 for Tuesdays Quiz
3. Do listening Comp on Vocab A
4. list irregular future on board...salir, venir, tener, poner  querer, poner, saber  hacer decir
5. drill Schaum
6. workbook 34-35

el 12 de diciembre--viernes SRA. Ensley
1. Check workbook homework WBK pp31-32--Call students for answers-- Mark seating chart with a P for those that do not participate with you. I will check Text HWK on Monday.
2. Begin Vocab--Text 82-83 Pronounce and have students repeat. Give English Definition when necessary.
3. Students should go to the lab... NOT QUIA... Abordo Spanish, Chapter 4 Vocabulario AND Estructura 1 & 2
4. When they finish either have them work on Quia-Spanish 2 Vocab & Irregular Future...

EL 11 DE diciembre -- JUEVES
4. review irregular future...Text 86-87
  tener, salir, venir poner  saber poder querer  decir hacer
7. wORKBOOK PP31-32

el 10 de diciembre  magullarse to bruise
1. check workbook on más que  el más de  ísimo from Monday
2. collect vocab text 78&79 see Dec. 9th below
3. review vocab pp78-79
5. Written work during orals... Text copy charts on pp86-87 & meaning of infinitive
6. Written work Text Copy Activity B p80 and translate.
7. Written Text p81 C Number 1-9 and write sentence about each...use alguien (someone) 
8. Written D p81 Text Write out the pairs--not numbers and letters

el 9 de diciembre-martes Ms Ensley   TEXTBOOK
1. Present new vocab on p78-79 Have students repeat...explain words in English if needed.
2. w/partners have students do Act A p80
3.Show students the irregular forms of future on pp 86 & 87  Read the lists together skipping the vosotros forms. Make sure they know what each of the words means.
4. Copy 2x Spanish 1x English text 78-79  including sentences at the bottom of p79...  Remind students to be careful when translating p79--Watching out for PAST AND FUTURE TENSES... HE HAD AN ACCIDENT. HE WILL HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITA...ETC.
5. Oral Exam Tomorrow....On Post Office --
1. cliente   2. el empleado
1.Good Morning,...how much do stamps cost(postage)
2.Ask where the mail is going
1.Answer to the United States
2.Ask if they will be  sending letters or post cards
1.Answer letters
2.Clerk responds the postage for each is 70cents
1.Fine...I'd like 6 stamps please.
2.That will be 4,20 euros
1.Here you go.
2.Here's your change
1.Thank you.
2.I'm here to serve.

1. Buenos días. ¿Cuánto cuesta (es) el sello (la estampilla, el franqueo)?
2. Buenos días. . . ...¿Para dónde?
1. Para los Estados Unidos.
2. ¿Mandará Ud. tarjetas postales o cartas?
1. Cartas.
2. Será 70 centavos por cada.
1. Bueno...Quisiera (me gustaría) 6.
2. En total...le costará 4 euros 20 centavos
1. Aquí tiene.
2. ....y el cambio.  1 euro 20
1. Gracias
2. ...a sus órdenes

el 8 de diciembre-lunes
1. pass back future quiz
1A. practice dialog for oral on Wednesday...
2. superlatives and Schaum p25 and or text p 64 & 65
   bob is tall tim is short  noone is taller than bob
3. Read text p68 and or Play CD-rom (w books open) in Computer to read...after each section ask if students have questions.
4. Workbook Activity p27 (re-study text p64 1st)
el 8 de diciembre
1. go over homework  story p81....and workbook31-32
2. discuss future... go verbs salir, poner, venir, tener,    hacer decir   querer caber saber poder
                   Use Schuam...and drill
3. workbook pp34-35 in conjunction with text...
    Optional Quiz on Vocab 4-1
el 7 de diciembre
1. check homework
2. body part review...cd if available
3. body part sticks.....look for partners
4. repeat vocab...drill A & B in Text...
5. ...and introduce...story....
     Read together...and read to partners...alternating...
5. I say a line and they draw it...
6. Homework:  Study Story, Study Body Parts, Workbook 31-32 and write 5
sentences about picture p81text
                      (el jugador, el entrendador)
introduce face & body parts...(locate me duele)
            body parts...me duele... vocab
cuerpo  hombro dedo brazo codo pierna
cabeza cara  frente mejilla  labio

My Quia activities and quizzes
#4-? A Bordo 4: Future Tense of Verbs..Regular/Irregular
Future tense/Regular and Irregular
el cuerpo: session ab4voc
Test on Body Parts
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